Beloved Community Team (BCT)


The BCT is one of the newest of Christ Church’s many programs. It seeks to facilitate educational events on racial reconciliation as well as promoting action that works at healing racial division and alleviating racial injustice. 

The purpose of the Beloved Community Team is to 

build awareness and to encourage action, focused on social justice and healing.

The term “beloved community” is often attributed to The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and it is akin to the biblical notion of the “Kingdom of God,” though its primary objective is to work at fostering God’s reign of equality and justice in the here and now. It is an interfaith endeavor. In 2017 the Episcopal Church launched a long-term national campaign committed to “Becoming Beloved Community.” Christ Church’s BCT formed in response to that initiative.

The team sponsors Sunday morning forums throughout the year for the congregation as well as weekday evening presentations for the greater Milwaukee community.

Members currently serving on BCT are: John Haydon, Tom Herbstreith, Mark Hilgendorf, Melissa Santa Cruz, Chuck Wurth and Don Allen. Bishop Ed Leidel serves at the chair of the BCT.