The Christ Church Endowment Trust provides parishioners and others with a means for donating to the Church in a way that will provide lasting support for the maintenance and programs of the Church.  The Endowment Trust contains four specific funds: Church Program, Capital and Maintenance, Outreach, and Music. Gifts can be made to a particular fund, or they can simply be made more generally to the Endowment Trust, to be allocated by the Endowment Trust Board.  Endowment funds can be used for any of the purposes specified by the Trust with the exception of general operating expenses. The Endowment Trust document specifies that no more than 5% of the assets of the Trust can be distributed in any given year. The formula for determining the amount to be distributed is specified in the Endowment Trust document.  

The Endowment Trust Board is a group appointed by the Vestry to oversee both distribution from the Trust, and oversight of the trustee who handles investment of the Trust’s assets.  Board members serve for staggered four-year terms. The Board chooses the Trustee, and consults annually concerning the investment portfolio and allocation of assets.  

Individuals interested in donating to the Endowment Trust as part of an estate plan are encouraged to consult with the Rector, one of the Wardens, or any member of the Endowment Trust Board.